The great outdoors has slowly begun it’s transition from Spring to Summer. Though in many areas, summer has shown early. Here at 13 Foods, we’ve been patiently awaiting for it’s arrival. So why are we excited for summer? And what does summertime bring? For the farmers, it brings excitement to watch their fields turn from green to gold. We, at 13 Foods, are patiently awaiting for the harvest of our beautiful beans. And for you, we can only guess that summer brings joy to you and your family.

This month we began to transition our cooking from hearty to light, fresh and flavorful. Here at 13 Foods, we decided to place those big hearty dishes aside during these warm months of the year. Why not enjoy all those fresh fruits and vegetables ripening in your local garden? This week we are bringing you a fresh, but oh-so flavorful dish out of our garden and into your kitchen. It’s perfect for a hot, summery day. It can make an appearance during breakfast, lunch or dinner as a main entrée or a simple side dish. In fact, we used this recipe just this week as a side dish at a Graduation Party picnic- what a treat!

Lentil Caprese Salad



This salad is simple, but filled with beautiful colors of the garden. The grocery list will be small for those who are gardeners at heart. Our scrumptious Pardina! Lentils are the heart of this meal. The basil and tomatoes make the salad pop with color on everyone’s plate. No one will forget that fresh mozzarella- its creamy texture comes alive with every bite! What makes this dish complete? Yes, the tasty balsamic vinegar of your choice. Don’t be afraid to try different flavors from your local Oil & Vinegar shop; the colors will still pop and the flavors can be appropriately paired to your main dish.


Lentil Caprese Salad


Our test kitchen has given you a step by step guide on how to make this flavorful, summery dish. Don’t be afraid to bring extra color and flavors from different varieties of tomatoes and vinegar!


In a bowl, mix olive oil, minced garlic, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper.

Add and toss Pardina! Lentils to the oil mixture.

Add and toss quartered tomatoes, chopped shallot, chopped basil, and cubed mozzarella with lentil mixture. 

Drizzle balsamic vinegar into salad and toss.

Lentil Caprese Salad


Top with basil garnish for a beautiful summer salad!


Find complete Lentil Caprese Salad Recipe HERE!


Lentil Caprese Salad





Spring has sprung, which means picnics, porch parties, and BBQs are finally here. It’s time to show off your skills you perfected all winter long.


Here’s how to turn a bag of frozen beans into a crowd-pleasing dish at your next picnic or cookout.

Where do you find the finest beans of all? Of course, in your freezer. Use these delicious recipes to wow your family and friends.


Rebecca’s Scoop It All Up Bean Caviar

Take advantage of the social hour you planned by giving your guest this sweetly, tangy appetizer. Your guests will be surprised by the sweetness of flavors as the beans give it a nutty flavor. The hidden sweet corn will provide the prefect sweetness in every bite. Whip up this bowl of deliciousness in little time. But do make it an hour before as the flavors will meld together perfectly by arrival time.




“Get Fresh” Red Bean Salad

Cool pasta salads are always a hit on a hot spring or summer day. This salad is freshly, delicious with little effort in making. The short ingredient list and preparation is appealing as it betters in flavor each day in the fridge. Prepare this salad the night before the gathering, so you can meld the flavors and relax the next morning.




Mama’s Shut the Front Door Bean & Beer Bake

This tasty twist to a baked bean dish stirs together in little time. Just drop in a slow cooker until bubbles arise, then simmer until the gathering begins. The richness from the beer and bacon meld together perfectly with the beans and sauce. This dish is the perfect twist to your traditional baked beans as the texture is unique as so are the flavors. The guests will be asking for more.




Soon-to-be-Your Favorite Lentil Chili

Chili is the ultimate side dish to have when the smoker, stove, or barbecue are cooking burgers and hot dog. This Soon-to-be-Your Favorite Lentil Chili has the perfect sweet and spicy flavors to serve alongside or as a topping. Let this simmer in your slow cooker for easy preparation and transportation. This will become the crowd-pleaser this season.






We all use the same excuse: “There isn’t enough time in the day to make or eat healthy food.” But in reality, there are those who just manage their schedules better than you. And yes, we all have had one of “those” days. It often starts in the morning with breakfast, not having enough time to feed your body with healthy nutrition and snowballs from there, right?

Making the time and effort to manage your weekly schedule is one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs the correct fuel and appropriate sleep restoration to be rejuvenated for each big day.

Here are some tips, tricks, and recipes to help you pursue a healthy, productive and guilt free week.


Meal Planning & Prep

In my kitchen, planning and batch cooking is the biggest time saver. Set aside a couple hours during the weekend to plan, shop, and prep for the coming week’s meals. It’s easier said than done but yields tremendous time and stress savings in the middle of our hectic week. 


Drink Your Nutrition

Smoothies are a great way that our whole family enjoys consuming their daily nutrients. Drink Prep is like Food Prep, use your planning and prep time each week or month to pre-cut and measure your ingredients. Simply grab a freezer bag, label it (this is key at our house!), fill it, and place in freezer. Each morning take an extra three minutes to blend all of those nutrient rich ingredients up and out the door you go!


Here are two healthy 13 Foods inspired smoothie recipes to begin a happy and healthy day:


Smooth Berry Chickpea Smoothie

Find recipe HERE!


Sweet Power Smoothie

Find recipe HERE!




The weather is starting to change from snowy winter nights to bright spring days, this classic comforting soup will delightfully complete your day.



It’s an easy peasy soup! Simply let your slow cooker do the work.

Start by chopping all the vegetables, rosemary, and thyme. This takes about 5 minutes. Now, go dust off the slow cooker and begin to warm. Toss the chopped vegetables, spices, and chicken broth in the cooker. Cover and cook on high heat for 3-4 hours or on low heat for 7-8 hours, until rice and vegetables are cooked. Select your temperature by your day’s schedule. If you’re busy, we recommend starting the process before you begin the day (7-8 hour cook time) and just simply walk away for hours!



Once the rice has cooked, whisk in the chopped mushrooms, 13 Foods Pardina! Lentils, lemon zest, cream, milk, and chicken base into the slow cooker. Let the flavors meld for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While waiting, roll and bake biscuit dough. Nothing is better than having a biscuit or a slice of bread to eat with a bowl full of soup.






Click HERE for Wild Lentil and Mushroom Soup!






Sweet potatoes, oats, spices, cheese, and simply delicious Pardina! Lentils. You and your friends will fall in love with this simple, healthy appetizer!



The nation is preparing for the fight of the year…the Super Bowl LI! This weekend many will huddle in the kitchen and living room to watch the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots battle for the bragging right of 2016/2017. Who will win? We will! Whip up these quick and easy Pardina! Lentil Bites for the win! They are simple, healthy, and delicious all in one bite! Serve these Pardina! Lentils Bites on a fun serving plate or be creative and use team spirit to find a clever way to display the tasty bites! Enjoy!



And may the best team win!



Pardina! Lentil Bites

Serves 12-18


1 cup Pardina! Lentils

¾ cup sweet potatoes, mashed

½ cup cooked quick oats

1 tbsp green onion

1 tbsp parsley

1 tsp cumin

½ tsp oregano

½ tsp salt

¼ tsp pepper

½ to 1 cup Italian cheese mix

Dipping sauce

1 cup Greek styled plain yogurt

½ medium sized cucumber, finely chopped

1 tbsp fresh dill, chopped

1 tsp salt


Mix 13 Foods Pardina! Lentils, cooked and mashed sweet potatoes, cooked quick oats, finely chopped green onion, finely chopped parsley, cumin, oregano, salt, pepper, and shredded cheese.

Roll mixture into 24 small balls and place on parchment covered baking sheet. Press the balls with fork to create a cookie shape. Sprinkle with cheese.

Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 375° F.

Serve warm with the cucumber dipping sauce.

Cucumber Dipping Sauce

Mix Greek styled plain yogurt, finely chopped cucumber, chopped dill, and salt.

Chill and serve.


You’ve probably heard of mason jar salads by now. It has taken Pinterest over by a storm of recipes. The idea has simplified the way you eat on your busy scheduled days. The grab and go styled meal has helped you maintain a fresh and health diet for lunch. Why just lunch? This layered effect could be for all meals including snacks. Mason jar meals are delicious, attractive, and simply easy peasy. Not only does this on-the-go meal plan make transportation easy, but it keeps everything nice and fresh for days.

We have taken the liberty to begin your brainstorming session: The Day of Mason Jar Meals.

Now you can enjoy simply, scrumptious recipes anywhere, anytime.

It’s meal planning made easy.





Cinnamon Toasted Chickpeas Parfait

Layer the Cinnamon Toasted Chickpeas with your favorite yogurt to create the parfait you desire.

Link to Recipe: Cinnamon Toasted Chickpeas



Mason Jar Salad – Callie’s Luscious Lentil Salad

Layer this salad from vinaigrette and Pardina! Lentil toppings to the bed full of arugula. The Pardina! Lentils will begin to meld with all the delicious flavors and arugula will stay fresh on top of the mason jar.

Link to Recipe: Callie’s Luscious Lentil Salad



Spread the Love Hummus with Veggie Slices

Spoon your weekly makings of Spread the Love Hummus in mason jar and top with your favorite vegetable slices.

Link to Recipe: Spread the Love Hummus



Mason Jar Pasta Salad – “Get Fresh” Red Bean Salad

Layer this pasta salad from Rojo! Red Beans and vegetables toppings to noodles to the fresh greens.

Link to Recipe: “Get Fresh” Read Bean Salad




He imagined.

He created.

We inspire…

This year 13 Foods has challenged the Bean Team to begin imagining and creating to inspire those around us. We hope to inspire you with new recipes and healthy habit tips this year.

Have we inspired you? Now, it’s your turn.

It’s time to experiment in the kitchen. 13 Foods has gathered deliciously healthy recipes for you and your family. Of course, each and every recipe has at least one type of bean. Why? Beans are packed full of nutrition that your body needs everyday. We have provided simple and healthy beans to make your meal prep easy peasy. Find recipe inspirations through our social media posts… Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…as well on our 13 Foods Recipe and Blog pages. Join the Bean Team for more inspirations. {Sign Up BELOW} 

Let’s begin inspiring the world!

Today, we are making a scrumptious Pardina! Lentil recipe. It’s a one dish, 20 minute meal…Momma’s Lentil Bake. This recipe is one of our favorites. The founder’s mother, 13 Foods Momma, made this recipe for her growing family. The tradition has passed down to the next generation. We hope it becomes your family favorite too!


Momma’s Lentil Bake


Begin this dish by prepping the 2 cups of Pardina! Lentils as instructed on the bag. Then slice and dice 1 large shallots, 1 cup carrot, 1/2 cup sweet bell pepper, and 1 cup celery. 

In your cast iron pan, begin to brown your favorite 1 pound ground sausage. This ingredient can be optional…head to the next step!

Add your diced vegetables and Pardina! Lentils to the pan to sauté.

Pour the 1 1/2 cup of beef broth into the pan with cooked ingredients.

Don’t forget to lay the bay leaf on top.

Place the cast iron pan into the oven for 15 minutes at 350° F.

Sprinkle cheese on the top and bake for another 5 minutes or until cheese has melted.

Ready to serve! Serve plain or with rice or mash potatoes. 



Find recipe inspirations through our social media posts… Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest…as well on our 13 Foods Recipe and Blog pages. Join the Bean Team for more inspirations. {Sign Up HERE}

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