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Today we have more how-tos and tutorials on living a simple life than years before. Have we as a society become so busy that we need to learn how to live a simpler life? 

By definition {Webster Dictionary}, simple is becoming free from one’s vanities, display, or being modest. But this description isn’t telling us how to simplify our lives or what is a simple life? Is this why we devour all those articles on how to be simple? Or, constantly grasp to any object or way to conquer this daily struggle?

At 13 Foods, we led this conversation by asking what is simple living to you? Each and every one of the team had their own version, but each version had one common explanation, it’s a lifestyle. To begin implementing this way of life, you must change your routines and paradigm, such as the way you shop. These how-to articles aren’t explaining how much effort it takes to become a simple living person. The “pruning” or modifications take time. And, if you’re not a patient person, this can be hard.  Would you be willing to test your patience and change your lifestyle for a new simpler life? Only you can answer.

Our Bean Team took this risk to not only have a simpler process to cook but a healthier way to cook too. It was a lifestyle change. We chose to shop, cook, and eat differently after finding a solution to no additives and preservatives ready-to-use beans. Our famous frozen beans! In the end, we too were able to live a healthy, simple life because of our choices.

How are these beans a lifestyle change? It’s ironically simple. It changes the way we shop at the grocery store. No need to head to the canned food aisle or dry food aisle, head to the freezers! And better yet, our bag of beans holds more than an average can – a 1 pound bag of beans and only beans. This means fewer trips to the grocery store for your next chili creation. Also, it changes the way you store and cook with beans. They save room in your cupboards and allows you to use a bag multiple times because of its handy zip-lock on top. With these lifestyle changes, our team strongly believes that our frozen beans could simplify your life in multiple avenues.

Are you ready to implement this change for more time with your friends and family? Our team was! Now it’s up to you to decide.

This coming month we will continue the living simple topic through recipes, grocery shopping tips, and cooking tricks. We hope to become a positive influence in your World as you join this simple living journey with us.



Today, we are exploring our gardens, local farmers markets, and farmer stands to create a delicious, top-notch recipe out of natural flavorful products. 


Better yet, it’s simplicity at its best!


Homemade Margherita Spaghetti



Find the quick and simple recipe HERE



Homemade Margherita Spaghetti