What is it that makes our beans so darn good? Is it the fertile foothills of the Rockies? The tender loving care they get from local farmers? Or is it our commitment to bring you not just any beans, but the best most flavorful and nutritious beans in the world? If you guessed all of the above, then you my friend deserve a gold star.

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What’s not to love about Chickpeas? Also known as garbanzo beans, they are tasty little nuggets of delight. You’ve probably had them in hummus, but they’re also mighty tasty in soups, salads, stews and just about anything else you can think of.

For such a small little bean, it’s packed full of natural goodness. use them in soups, add them to other vegetables and casserole mixtures, you can even serve them cold in salads.

These beans are so popular you’d want to hang out with them just so you can brag about it to all your friends. From soups, salads, and chili, to red beans and rice and more, it’s no wonder why people love em’.

Talk about beans that pack a one-two punch – these tasty little gems are a great source of protein and fiber. Pah-pow! use them in just about any dish – from soups and salads to your favorite Mexican food. They’re like the Swiss army knife of beans.