Never underestimate the power of the frozen beans!


Frozen Beans? Well, if you haven’t heard of about these magical beans, you’re in the right spot!

Years ago, our founder had an innovative idea…Frozen Beans! Yes, that’s right, frozen. He imaged opening his freezer to bags full of ready-to-use lentils, chickpeas, black and red beans with no additives. Just naturally frozen beans, no salt, and no preservatives. After a year of sourcing the perfect beans and testing his cooking process, he was ready for production!


Product Bags


Fun fact: Black beans, red beans, lentils, and chickpeas are harvested dry! To cook a bean, it must be rehydrated with water and cooked (boiled).


Since the first production date, 13 Foods has been delivering the oh-so-tasty beans to your grocer’s freezers. To many people’s surprise, these beans have not only eliminated the labor-intensive cooking process, but also all the additives found in a can.  We have received review after review from our customers praising us about our beans’ flavors and textures. Our founder’s goal was to create good and delicious beans, and thanks for our loyal customers’ comments, we believe we have accomplished his goal.

So, why don’t you be brave next time you’re in the freezer aisle and grab a bag or two. And please don’t worry, we have the perfect recipe for you to make over here {find delicious recipes here}!



This week we are giving you the inspiration to think outside of the recipe! Do remember the blog post about the tasty Lentil Caprese Salad? {find recipe here}


Now, find that recipe and grab some crostini’s because we are making an appetizer out of this simple, delicious recipe!


Lentil Caprese Salad