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The team here at 13 Foods is chomping at the bit to move some of our indoor cooking to the great outdoors. What better time than this weekend to spring clean those grill grates and get the flames to fly?

Many of you have family and friends gathering this holiday weekend. We can’t think of anything better than pushing everyone to spend a little more time outdoors as you grill or smoke a delicious burger.



This week we are giving you a flavor-filled burger that will delight all of your guest’s taste buds! It will be memorable because its a 13 Foods original.



Tasty Black Bean Burgers


Yumm, these burgers are wonderful for an easy prep before the weekend. Simply mash all of these
ingredients together to form beautiful Spring colored patties.

Our insider secret: use different size biscuit cutters to form perfectly sized patties for your buns!

Place the patties in the freezer and prep work is complete. But, the best thing about these
burgers is not the simple prep work or cooking….



It’s the tasty flavor!



This meatless burger will surprise every taste bud as there will be no questions… “Where’s the beef?”


 Link to Tasty Black Bean Burger recipe!



Spring is here! The weather is beginning to warm as the days grow longer. Fresh produce at local farmer’s markets is beginning to appear, but you’re not ready to dive right into your spring eating habits you say. And we can’t agree with you more. Spring is one of the hardest seasonal transitions to make. Hardy foods from winter still comfort us during this time of year. How do you slip into spring eating? Allow us to help you! This month we are sharing new deliciously, healthy recipes. These recipes will help you ease the transition to spring and then on to summer.



This week we are giving you the warm and comfort tastes from those hearty meals of winter in a light and fluffy way for spring.



Sweetly Spiced Chickpea Twice Baked Potatoes


This recipe will fill you with wholesome, yet light flavors. Prep, cook, eat in one setting! You can even cook ahead for easy meal planning. It’s truly the best weeknight dish you can make this spring!



Are you an awesome meal planner? Then this dish is perfect for you! Simply grab those sweet potatoes, or what some may call yams. Bake at 400° F for about 1 hour cleaned and halved. Don’t forget about those spicy Kabuli! Chickpeas, toss them in cumin, paprika, chili powder, cayenne pepper, and salt. Let them roast on the top shelf as the potatoes are baking. And voilà, you are two steps away to eating this simply, easy meal!



The flavors meld together to make a simple savory taste. The spice isn’t too over powering as the sweet potato gives every bite a sweet flavor. Oh, what’s that? That nutty taste? It’s the easy, peasy frozen beans! They’re toasted for a slightly, spicy crunch and bite. Your mouth will become delighted with fireworks in every bite, chew, and swallow. Please don’t worry as this dish isn’t too spicy. But if spice is your thing, throw in an extra pinch of chili powder to your roasted chickpeas.




Link to Spicy Toasted Chickpeas recipe.

Link to Sweetly Spiced Chickpea Twice Baked Potatoes recipe.







What’s more comforting on a cold, spring, rainy day? A spiced cupcake, of course. This light and fluffy Chickpea Spiced Cupcake recipe with bring back all those cozy feelings from childhood.


Go ahead, relax a bit. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee and indulge into a classic movie with one sweet bite at a time.



The best part to any relaxing day on the couch is never the movie, drink, nor blanket. It’s the sweet,tasty treat you decide to indulge during your relaxation time. So why don’t you indulge with a bit of nutrition? The guilt won’t arise as the nutrition in these cupcakes will set you at ease.


No one will nor should shame you for this relaxing moment as you deserve it a time or two.


Link to Chickpea Spiced Cupcake Recipe


Ready to go fancy?


Garnish the cupcakes with Cinnamon Toasted Chickpeas! These will add an extra dimension and flavor to every bite.



Link to Cinnamon Toasted Chickpeas Recipe





Spring has sprung, which means picnics, porch parties, and BBQs are finally here. It’s time to show off your skills you perfected all winter long.


Here’s how to turn a bag of frozen beans into a crowd-pleasing dish at your next picnic or cookout.

Where do you find the finest beans of all? Of course, in your freezer. Use these delicious recipes to wow your family and friends.


Rebecca’s Scoop It All Up Bean Caviar

Take advantage of the social hour you planned by giving your guest this sweetly, tangy appetizer. Your guests will be surprised by the sweetness of flavors as the beans give it a nutty flavor. The hidden sweet corn will provide the prefect sweetness in every bite. Whip up this bowl of deliciousness in little time. But do make it an hour before as the flavors will meld together perfectly by arrival time.




“Get Fresh” Red Bean Salad

Cool pasta salads are always a hit on a hot spring or summer day. This salad is freshly, delicious with little effort in making. The short ingredient list and preparation is appealing as it betters in flavor each day in the fridge. Prepare this salad the night before the gathering, so you can meld the flavors and relax the next morning.




Mama’s Shut the Front Door Bean & Beer Bake

This tasty twist to a baked bean dish stirs together in little time. Just drop in a slow cooker until bubbles arise, then simmer until the gathering begins. The richness from the beer and bacon meld together perfectly with the beans and sauce. This dish is the perfect twist to your traditional baked beans as the texture is unique as so are the flavors. The guests will be asking for more.




Soon-to-be-Your Favorite Lentil Chili

Chili is the ultimate side dish to have when the smoker, stove, or barbecue are cooking burgers and hot dog. This Soon-to-be-Your Favorite Lentil Chili has the perfect sweet and spicy flavors to serve alongside or as a topping. Let this simmer in your slow cooker for easy preparation and transportation. This will become the crowd-pleaser this season.






We all use the same excuse: “There isn’t enough time in the day to make or eat healthy food.” But in reality, there are those who just manage their schedules better than you. And yes, we all have had one of “those” days. It often starts in the morning with breakfast, not having enough time to feed your body with healthy nutrition and snowballs from there, right?

Making the time and effort to manage your weekly schedule is one step closer to a healthy lifestyle. Your body needs the correct fuel and appropriate sleep restoration to be rejuvenated for each big day.

Here are some tips, tricks, and recipes to help you pursue a healthy, productive and guilt free week.


Meal Planning & Prep

In my kitchen, planning and batch cooking is the biggest time saver. Set aside a couple hours during the weekend to plan, shop, and prep for the coming week’s meals. It’s easier said than done but yields tremendous time and stress savings in the middle of our hectic week. 


Drink Your Nutrition

Smoothies are a great way that our whole family enjoys consuming their daily nutrients. Drink Prep is like Food Prep, use your planning and prep time each week or month to pre-cut and measure your ingredients. Simply grab a freezer bag, label it (this is key at our house!), fill it, and place in freezer. Each morning take an extra three minutes to blend all of those nutrient rich ingredients up and out the door you go!


Here are two healthy 13 Foods inspired smoothie recipes to begin a happy and healthy day:


Smooth Berry Chickpea Smoothie

Find recipe HERE!


Sweet Power Smoothie

Find recipe HERE!





Nothing is more comforting than a big bowl of deliciously, hearty rice and beans. This simple stove top meal comes together quickly with little effort. Two ingredients, rice and beans, are staple foods around the world that can transition to any culture with a simple switch in spices.



We recreated a southern classic with our easy peasy Rojo! Red Beans, Delightfully Delish Red Beans and Rice. This recipe brings the taste of the South right into your kitchen. Your annual trip for their flavors is not as necessary as it was when you can recreate these flavors at home. This simple dump, sauté, and pour recipe makes for a no effort weeknight meal. This dish will become one of your favorites after a long day at work. Watch the how-to video below for step by step instructions!



Click HERE for Delightfully Delish Red Beans and Rice Recipe!



The weather is starting to change from snowy winter nights to bright spring days, this classic comforting soup will delightfully complete your day.



It’s an easy peasy soup! Simply let your slow cooker do the work.

Start by chopping all the vegetables, rosemary, and thyme. This takes about 5 minutes. Now, go dust off the slow cooker and begin to warm. Toss the chopped vegetables, spices, and chicken broth in the cooker. Cover and cook on high heat for 3-4 hours or on low heat for 7-8 hours, until rice and vegetables are cooked. Select your temperature by your day’s schedule. If you’re busy, we recommend starting the process before you begin the day (7-8 hour cook time) and just simply walk away for hours!



Once the rice has cooked, whisk in the chopped mushrooms, 13 Foods Pardina! Lentils, lemon zest, cream, milk, and chicken base into the slow cooker. Let the flavors meld for 20-30 minutes, stirring occasionally.

While waiting, roll and bake biscuit dough. Nothing is better than having a biscuit or a slice of bread to eat with a bowl full of soup.






Click HERE for Wild Lentil and Mushroom Soup!







We are spicing this week up with a taco soup!



This quick and healthy soup will satisfy your cravings within 20 minutes. Sauté, cook, and blend into a flavorful bowl of soup. It’s a versatile meal that can cater to your needs and wants of the day.



Today, we decided to make the taco soup with a blend of ground beef and beef chorizo. This blend of flavors created a spicy, but oh-so delicious taste in our mouths as each spoonful had our cooked frozen beans, vegetables, and meat. The richness of the flavors came from the spiciness of taco seasoning, but lessened with the creamy flavors of ranch dip seasoning mix. We used just 1 tablespoon full of brown sugar to cut the tomato acid and help the creamy and spicy flavors meld together. Every bite was filled with texture and nutty flavors of our cooked frozen beans. We topped this soup with our favorite chili toppings: tortilla strips, cheese, sour cream, and scallions. It was a delicious way to warm up after this cold winter weather, but could also be perfect for a picnic in the park this spring.



The versatility of this soup is limitless.



Still have leftovers? Freeze for another flavorful day. Simply reheat with additional water to match your soup thickness preference.


Find recipe HERE!







Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tonight, dessert is on us.

We all love to spoil our loved ones especially on the day of love! But did you drop the ball this year? Not a problem. We are here to help! Whip out your frozen beans, chocolate chips, and frozen berries for a to-die for deliciously healthy dessert. We have created this luscious mini cake recipe for those who love chocolate. This flourless mini cake recipe is an easy peasy way to show your love tonight with little effort. Blend, melt, and mix your way to your loved one’s heart tonight. 

Bake your way to happiness!

Flourless Dark Chocolate Mini Cakes



As we begin to transition from winter to spring a lovely little holiday always sneaks upon us without notice. Yes, that’s right. I am referencing to the sweet little day we get to spoil our loved ones, Valentine’s Day! The countdown has begun with only 7 days to prepare. Valentine’s Day often creates high stress on you and those you love. But why? The 13 Foods Bean Team seems to think it’s the expectations. Why don’t you put aside those expectations and create a variety of delicious dishes and treats this year? The Bean Team has gathered our favorite recipes to share with you this next seven days. So please don’t fret!  We are here to inspire you with recipes to draw you closer to one’s heart this Valentine’s Day.

Today, we are sharing our favorite rich, but sweetly delicious truffle recipes. Take 1 hour of your day this week to make one of these three truffle recipes. Freeze. And there you are…ready to surprise and spoil your loved ones!​


Sweetly Spicy Truffle

Who doesn’t love a sweet, but spicy treat? Well, get ready to fall in love again. The Sweetly Spicy Truffle will knock you off your feet by the sweet, spiced filling in every bite. This treat has an added bonus of nutrition from our Kabuli! Chickpeas! Now, don’t just have one…grab the second or even third!

Link to Recipe: Sweetly Spicy Truffles


Peanut Butter Truffle

Sometime a sweet treat can be healthy. Kabuli! Chickpeas and peanut butter bring protein and fiber to these oh, so yummy truffles. This Peanut Butter Protein Truffle recipe will stop your sweet cravings in just one bite without completely wrecking your diet.

 Link to Recipe: Peanut Butter Protein Truffles


Heavenly Chocolate Truffle

These rich and fudge truffles is the perfect treat to stop your chocolate cravings. This sweetly, healthy recipe was made for you! Plus, no one will ever guess that they have beans in them!


Link to Recipe: Heavenly Chocolate Truffles