We set out on a path to provide people everywhere with good, nutritious food. As stewards of the land, it is our responsibility to do so, but more importantly, it’s our promise and our purpose to bring you nothing but the best. So we partner with world-class growers whose work ethic is second to none and whose pride in the crops they grow goes back generations. Add to this our uncompromising standards for excellence, and you’ll begin to see why we are so passionate about bringing the best to dinner tables around the world.


Originate and trade. Eastern Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana.


Trade. Eastern Washington, northern Idaho, western Montana.

Anderson Northwest is located in one of the best growing regions in the world. The conditions are ideal for growing pulses (legumes) as well as canola seeds, used for high-quality, healthy canola oil for food-grade markets.


Ladow Butte Farm

Ladow Butte Farm. Martin Anderson’s farm in Garfield, WA.

Martin arrived at Ellis Island in 1892, the first year it was open, from Denmark. He worked off his passage at a farm in Connecticut, was naturalized in Iowa, and then worked on his brother’s homestead in Armour, South Dakota. He later homesteaded in Vona, Colorado, traded that for a farm in Cora, Idaho, then moved to Ladow Butte Farm, Garfield, Washington.

Don and his twin sister were the last of Martin’s 13 children. The family moved about two weeks before they were born.

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