Does your day start fast out of the gate? Or slow and steady as you catch up on the day’s news and plan out your new day?

I have some of each of those kinds of days, but none get by me without starting it out right! I am a firm believer in breakfast and know when I try to skimp on it or go without it my day goes “south” quickly. Grumpy. Fuzzy Headed. Fatigued. I need the nutrients and energy sources so I can attack what is before me. It is no wonder that the word “breakfast” is composed out of the thought that we need to break the fast. We have been without food for too long. I certainly am not wandering the house in my sleep munching away so unless I start it with quality food my human food tank is empty.

I also want something that will last me until I have time to eat again. No quick sugary overloads that bottom out quickly or nutrient deficient foods that leave me empty in the long run. It has to fill me with taste and texture that says “Good Morning, Sunshine!” You know bright, flavorful, filling without being heavy. It has to be quick and easy. It has to be adaptable. I have never been one that wants to eat the same thing every day…boring!

My Smooth Berry Chickpea Smoothie is just that kind of breakfast. It is exciting…I start with the question “What do I want in it today?” and go to the fruit bowl, open the freezer door, or refrigerator’s crisper. Continue reading

FOOTBALL! If your home is like my home, there is a lot of gathering going on lately…to watch THE GAME. And what do people do when they gather to watch a game…laugh, cheer, talk, EAT.

Now being a mom for many years has instilled in me the need to have nutritious food available for my family even if the games are mainly snack events. My family has conditioned me to serve tasty food or else I have a lot of “leftovers” that must be dealt with in some creative way.  If you ask them about our weekend Shepherd’s Pie or soup pot, they smile big and say that is where I hid everything that didn’t work or had dibs and dabs left. I always said that if you put a crust on it or served things with a crusty bread, everything becomes tasty. I never had a problem with beans, chickpeas, and lentils. Their natural nutty flavor is unique and satisfying.

Presentation is a large part of food appeal or the instigator of an initial trial. I say I eat with my eyes which means the color and shape has to be appealing. You won’t find creamed corn, mashed potatoes, and chicken as menu partners at my house. Pleasing means vibrant and punchy. That is what I love about pulses! Look at the shapes of chickpeas, lentils, and beans…no two varieties of pulses are the same. Even the spherical shape of the chickpea has a little beak on it. And color…rich tones of cream, red, black, brown. A handful, I call a sprinkling, enlivens any dish. Continue reading

13 Foods frozen beans in the marketplace are just about as different from what you know about beans as Annie was from her pupils in the classic film “The King and I” (1956). The song “Getting To Know You” is Teacher Annie’s admission that once she got to know her pupils, she was attracted to them. Simply put…she liked them.

We need you to GET TO KNOW US. This meant we needed teachers who would tell about our beans as well as ambassadors willing to develop strong honest relationships. The 13 Foods team put our heads together and…THE BEAN TEAM exploded on the scene! They will be our teachers. They will be our ambassadors.

They are just like us…playful, colorful, honestly simple! Did you notice them on our home page when you hoovered or clicked on a bean? Don’t you like their fun way of saying, “HEY, WE’RE FROZEN!”. You’ll be seeing them a lot from now on because they have been given the task to get you to GO TO THE FREEZER FOR YOUR BEANS!!!! Not the canned aisle. Not the dry aisle. We did the work for you so….go get them out of the grocer’s freezer. They’re READY TO EAT! Healthy. Tasty. Easy Peasy.

PULSE LOVE! What are Pulses and why do we all keep hearing that word lately?

Pulses are the edible seeds of legume plants. They are known for their high nutritional profile and low environmental impact all around the world. The United Nations designated 2016 as THE INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF THE PULSE so that attention can be given this important food crop.

The attributes of chickpeas, lentils, peas, and beans have given them the tag…the FUTURE OF FOOD because they are all positives with no negatives. WHO DOESN’T LOVE the fact that they are a good source of protein, high in fiber, and naturally low in sodium with iron, folate, or magnesium thrown in for good measure. WHO DOESN’T LOVE the fact that they give more to the soil that they are grown in than is taken away. WHO DOESN’T LOVE the fact that they bring stability to the food chain around the world.

Love these ideas? Check out our easy way to get these onto your table today. 13

Foods frozen ready to use chickpeas, lentils, black beans and red beans make meal prep simply easy peasy. Recipes